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Proud Smile Dentistry | Why you can't Smell your own Bad Breath in Chino

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Why you can't Smell your own Bad Breath

Have you ever been out on a first date and noticed that something just didn’t smell right about your perspective partner?  Have you ever been told that you have bad breath?  Do you have bad breath that you’re un-aware of? 

 Bad Breath is the number 1 deal breaker for first dates.  Since our mouth is connected to our nasal cavity from the back, our sense of smell is often desensitized from any odors that linger in our mouth.  Have you ever noticed that after eating a meal with extra onions or garlic, you can taste and smell your meal for a short time before it goes away but others can still smell it for hours to come?  The same is true for bacteria in our mouth that produce bad odors.

The Washington times  reports “The Valentine’s Day kissing survey, titled “Kiss and Tell,” included more than 2,000 respondents across the United States.”  The study revealed a number of facts about kissing.  Among those facts was that Bad Breath is the “Number One Sin” when it comes to kissing.

Everyone knows that you don’t eat garlic and onions before or during a date and that brushing your teeth regularly can help to keep bad breath away.  Unfortunately, the mouth isn’t as simple as it may seem.  Pockets can form between our teeth and gums that harbor bacteria and protect them from brushing.  These bacteria build up and can produce a rather unpleasant odor in your mouth that you may not even be aware of simply because it built up slowly and your nose is used to it.

So, how can you tell if you’re suffering from bad breath if you can’t smell it.  You could ask a friend to smell it for you.  But there are other ways.  Try this.  Lick your wrist right now and wait a few moments for your saliva to dry.  Then give it a sniff.  This will give you some idea as to what others smell when they’re up close to you.  Another trick is to floss using un-flavored floss.  Keep the floss for a minute afterwards and then give it a sniff.  That smell is what’s hiding between your teeth and beneath your gums.

There are other reasons why you may have bad breath.  But bacteria are a very common culprit; especially for people who haven’t seen their Dentist in over a year.  These smelly bacteria cause much more than just bad breath.  They’re a symptom of gum disease and lead to gum recession, tooth decay and the bone disease known as periodontitis.  All of these issues eventually lead to one thing: A very large dentist bill.

Ultimately, chronic bad breath is a sign of worse things to come.  A regular checkup and cleaning with your dentist can keep bacterial buildup and Halitosis at bay.  This means better breath.  And better breath means better first dates.  Because no one likes a stinky kiss.

Chino Dentist | Why you can't Smell your own Bad Breath. Tracy Ngo is a Chino Dentist.